Sean Wilentz, American Historian and Author
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Chants Democratic: New York City and the Rise of the American Working Class 1788-1850

Since its publication in 1984, Chants Democratic has endured as a classic account of labor and the rise of American democracy. In this, his first book, Sean Wilentz explores the dramatic social and intellectual changes that accompanied early industrialization in New York. He provides a panoramic chronicle of New York City’s labor strife, social movements, and political turmoil in the eras of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Twenty years after its initial publication, Wilentz added a new preface that takes stock of his own thinking, then and now, about New York City and the rise of the American working class.

Winner of the Albert J. Beveridge Award

Winner of the Frederick Jackson Turner Award

Winner of the Annual Best Book Award, Society of the Historians of the Early Republic

“The best book yet written about the emergence of New York City’s working class and a major contribution to American working-class history.”  –Herbert Gutman, The New Republic

“[Chants Democratic] has no equal in breadth of subject, grace of style or acuity of interpretation.” –The Nation

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