Sean Wilentz, American Historian and Author

The Age Of Reagan

The past forty years have marked an era of conservatism. Although briefly interrupted in the late 1970s and temporarily reversed in the 1990s, a powerful surge from the right dominated American politics and government from 1974 to 2008. The Age of Reagan, accounts for how a conservative movement once deemed marginal managed to seize power and hold it, and describes the momentous consequences that followed. Vivid, authoritative, and illuminating from start to finish, The Age of Reagan is a groundbreaking chronicle of America’s political history since the fall of Nixon.

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“Engrossing, provocative, and destined to be influential.” –David Greenberg, Los Angeles Times

“A smart and accessible overview of the long shadow cast by our 40th president…. What makes The Age of Reagan so appealing is Wilentz’s skill at juggling the back pages of American history and the au courant.” –Douglas Brinkley, New York Times Book Review

“Distinguished Princeton historian Wilentz … makes an eloquent and compelling case for America’s Right as the defining factor shaping the country’s political history over the past 35 years.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review

“In his excellent The Age of Reagan, Sean Wilentz certainly takes his subject seriously.  Above all, Wilentz grasps the relevance of Reagan’s past as a hopeful New Dealer to his success as a conservative politician.” –E. J. Dionne, The American Prospect

“Sweeping…. Wilentz deserves kudos for biting of a challenge that few historians would have dared to undertake.” –Kevin Phillips, The Washington Post Book World

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